Store & forward for cameras not always online



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    Thank you for submitting your request.


    I'll update the page once I have more info.

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    Sergey Bystrov


    Sorry for looong deley in response:-)

    we have something like this with some camera models and the list is growing.

    Please contact our support or sales for detailed information. 

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    Fredrik Ahlsen

    I`m also interested in this feature. Can you list some supported models here?

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    Malcolm Goon Chew

    I'm also interested in implementing functionality similar to this.

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    paul chandler

    Will the Nx RPi server install on Axis cameras that have the ARM processor?

    I am about to embark on a similar endeavor.. so i'll just interject some thoughts.

    I have been asked to install 2 or 3 cameras on each of five school buses. The NX1 would be perfect for this but they are not available to me in the US.

    I will have to use an industrial 12 volt mini PC running Linux and regular Pro licenses. The buses park every night in a place where they will be within WiFi range of the schools network. I figure on merging the bus servers to the main school server and scheduling a backup every night to a NAS drive that is also available to the main server. I haven't tested this yet but in theory, the archives from the buses should be available for viewing at the school even when the buses are out on their routes. Then of course when they return to within WiFi range, the current days video will be available as well.

    One thing I haven't figured out yet is how to power down the NUC after x hours after the ignition has been turned off so as to allow enough time to upload to the NAS, but not run down the bus battery over a weekend or holiday.... I'll likely have to use a timer delay relay like this one...

    Cameras of course could power on and off with the ignition circuit. But  I may need to delay off those as well for situations where the driver shuts off the engine while loading and unloading.

    I plan on doing some testing this weekend, I'll update here on how it goes. There are of course existing mobile surveillance systems out there that would work. But being able to have Nx merged servers on the buses would be awesome I think.

    As far as snapshots every x minutes over cellular, you would need something like a Digi WR11XT cellular router. Then all you have to do is set the camera to directly upload a snapshot to an FTP server where you can get at them. If you wanted to connect to your trucks remotely, you'd have to have a static IP, but for just uploading even a hotspot would work. I am working on an app that will serve the uploaded images on a website. I'll let you know when I get it completed, but you may be able to do something like


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