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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Johnathan Powell,

    I'm with Digital Watchdog, find another way to build your RTSP links. ;-)

    Please navigate to the server API on your server by navigating to:


    Scroll down in the left-hand menu, till you see Media and select RTSP Streaming.

    The standard URL should provide you a URL you can use in your application.

    Default URL is:


    For example:


    Entering the credentials with a Bearer authentication is required, and you could use Digest authentication as well, but it requires a specific user for that purpose, as described HERE.

    The easiest way to find the applicable camera ID (1) is to navigate to the Camera Settings menu, tab General and expand the information with the More Info button.

    You also could use the direct RTSP stream from the cameras (2) but be aware that not all camera have enough resources to stream to multiple devices at once and this could affect the stability of the streams. In this case, camera credentials are used.


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