Changing object types or titles during continuous track




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    Andrey Terentyev

    Hello David,

    When added object metadata to a track, is it acceptable to add different objects to the same track? E.g. if you're tracking an unknown object, which is later recognised.

    In the current version, we support one object per track, i.e. each detected object must have a unique trackId. If you use the same tarckId for different objects, you'll face exactly the issues you're describing: wrong preview image, etc.

    But your question is quite interesting. Could you please give more detail on your scenario, user case of having several objects on the same track? What is the situation? What objects have to be tracked together? For what reason?

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    David Brown

    Hi Andrey,

    Thanks very much for the reply, and the confirmation. The idea was to enable filterable objects, to simplify scrolling through the object list for recognised faces, instead of the list being cluttered with unknown people.

    I've since-changed my plugin to use a unique track ID for the recognised face, such that each recognised face will now have two associated track IDs (one for tracking a detected face; one for tracking a recognised face). Filtering works now, and the preview image seemed more stable.


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