ANPR Blacklist/Whitelist Database in NX

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    Tagir Gadelshin

    tolga altun
    Thanks for the idea!

    Yeah, we definitely have this in our roadmap and this is a part of our Event Rules revamp, which we are developing, but there are lots of things we still need to do there.

    About your request, we call it White lists/Black lists

    The list is the system-wide editable set of strings(phrases) which might include wildcards(?*) separated by separator( for example "," or \r\n), which are used in events and justifies the event triggering based on some events params value to belong on not to belong to the list. 


    1. A car enters a gas station and the pump refuses due to a blacklisted license plate. LP is recognized by the camera. The camera sends an analytics event with the given LP, if LP is in the list operator gets the notification and does not approve the pump.
    2. A car enters the premises and gate opens due to a whitelisted license plate.
    3. A person form white list is at the front door, the door is opened. 
    4. A person from blacklist enters the hotel. Guards are notified.
    5. If any car (other than form WL) passes the gates → security must be notified.

    We are really looking forward to hearing any real-world scenarios from a community (other than mentioned ones)

    This will help us with priorities and design 

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    tolga altun

    Hi Tagir,

    The scenarios you have mentioned are real-life scenarios. I don't have much to add. Logically, below two rules cover all of the scenarios. 

    If "Whitelist" enters/occurs do "Action"

    If "Blacklist" enters/occurs do "Action" 

    When we should expect this feature to be released approximately? 




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    Tagir Gadelshin

    tolga altun
    Unfortunately, chances are the upcoming release won't have this.
    We plan to release the new internal Rules Engine in an upcoming release with almost no UI changes, so all rules and all users will migrate to it.
    In terms of functionality, we will add dynamic parameters. E.g., you'll be able to use {} in the text of the action and it will be substituted with a camera/server name.

    We need to test it and do things step by step.

    After 4.2 we have several improvements in the roadmap, like:
    1. Multiple events to multiple actions rules
    2. Lists
    3. Custom events/Custom Actions (created via plugin SDK/API)
    4. New actions
    Those all will be available in the new Rules Engine

    I can't say for sure which of those will go first, but your request is noted and we will consider adding Lists in 4.3

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