Scheduler and time based triggers




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    Morten Auestad

    I agree! This would make the rule engine much more powerful.

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    Tagir Gadelshin

    Fredrick, Morten!

    Thanks for your feedback and ideas.

    Higher resolution on time will require adding some advanced interface. We will consider adding this if we will be able to keep the simple UX of the current scheduler. Maybe it will stay the same interface but with the option to fine-tune time intervals somehow, or it will be some "Advanced mode" switch 

    About saving schedules. This may become less useful after introducing multi-action rules (cause in general you will have fewer rules). + We were thinking of the possibility to duplicate the rule, this may help to avoid setting the schedule for each new rule.
    In general, saving schedules extends the functionality, but we won't do this until multi-action rules. We will collect feedback on the new engine and consider adding it later

    About sunrise and sunset -- that's a good idea, we will think of how we can implement that. We will need to determine a location or to give a possibility to enter that. I see it as some extension of "higher resolution schedule" feature
    Fredrik Ahlsen, can you also elaborate this, what is the scenario at least in your cases?

    A "time" event is really interesting, I'll think if we can include it in the roadmap of our upcoming releases.

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    Aleksandr Patc

    Thans, Fredrik!

    These are really good ideas.

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    Fredrik Ahlsen

    You can find databases of sunset/sunrise times that can be used:

    Here is one example;

    I have seen this implemented in many smart home applications, where you can trigger scenes based on sunset/sunrise.

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