could you provide the official performance data about meta SDK & video recording in 1080P & 4k




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    Sergey Yuldashev

    Hello Jelos,

    Sorry, I did not really get your question.
    SDK is a development kit, it provides with code samples and documentation to create different plugins.

    So the eventual performance depends solely on the effectiveness of the result plugin code.

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    Jelos Liang


    Sorry for didn’t describing it clearly

    If we use the same code to do the text overlay thru metasdk, what’s the performance benchmark for 1080p and 4K resolution respective ?

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    Evgeny Balashov

    Jelos, it depends on the plugin implementation.


    Basically, there are two ways plugins can request 4K video using the SDK:

    1. encoded video
    2. decoded video in a specific pixel format
    If plugin accepts encoded video and then uses some GPU-optimized workflow to decode and analyze it, there will be no impact on server's performance, only on GPU. Basically, everything will be under plugin's control.
    If plugin requests decoded video - the server will have to decode it on CPU, which can affect overall performance. Probably, one camera per server will be ok, but several cameras 4K will not work at some point.
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