Refresh rate setting in the mobile application



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    Sergey Bystrov

    The issue here would be an increase of Server CPU usage. Maybe it's ok.

    Can you please explain what is this for? How the mobile app is used to monitor multiple cameras? What's the user story?

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    Ryan Flagler

    I can comment on how I'd use this.

    I like to use tablets (Android/iOS) to monitor my cameras. I can carry them with me around the house and have them always up. The views I can create today still only show thumbnails which aren't updated very frequently and can be hard to see. If I could setup views of a subset of cameras that would fill the entire screen and update slightly faster, it would make mobile viewing way more powerful. Additionally, being able to visually see on screen when an event triggers would be nice. As an example, some software will outline the camera image in a flashing red outline during motion or audio triggers, which catches your eye much easier. It would also be nice to be able to setup views to cycle through on a schedule so I could see all of my cameras at a higher resolution without manual intervention.

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