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    Sergey Bystrov


    I hope this is a minor issue for you. (Correct me if I'm wrong, please. and we will reconsider adding it).

    The reason I push back, we have millions of small requests like this one and have to choose.

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    Fredrik Ahlsen

    For most users this is a minor issue. But for one of our clients this is a big issue.
    We are cooperating with a live monitoring station who will handle a lot of client systems trough NX cloud.
    To them this feature is very important as the operators need to log on to the correct system as fast as possible.
    So its very important to avoid any confusion. So if they open the NX client and get auto-logged valuable seconds are lost. Can even result in missed events if the operator get lost and think they are looking at the system that triggered the alarm.

    We have tried to use the command line as described here:

    Maybe there is another way to do this that we have not thought of yet.

    What we need is an easy way to:
    Receive alerts  > Open the NX system that triggered the event in the NX Client (Operator need to be able to use audio talkback and soft triggers)
    The best thing would be if the operator was taken directly to the recording of the incident that triggered the event. (Playback bookmark)

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