Multi layer map layouts



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    Tony Luce

    Hey Fredrik - good ideas already in the works.

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    Tomasz Polus

    Guys, two year ago I asked you for e-maps. I don't see them in 4.0 release.

    So when do you plan to release them ?

    Meanwhile I have managed to integrate Nx with Google Maps quite nicely, but I still prefer your genuine solution.

    All customers tell us the same. Without e-maps there is no VMS. For a start simple e-map with flexible interactive icons changing colors, pulsing depending on current alarm state. Users can assign to those icons:
    - event
    - camera
    - input/output
    - action
    - popup thumbnail (with option to open larger window or even fullscreen)
    - etc.
    Of course you need to think about automatically displaying e-map alarm in alarm window, and configure many map levels (for example click stairway to open map level up/down).


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    Tony Luce

    Tomasz - we already support e-maps functionality with soft-triggers (yes, they're limited to cameras right now) and a built-in browser that users can use to build completely custom map experiences by combining tools like Google Maps, Open Streetmaps, and Mapbox and our REST Server API.

    In my experience each customer wants a custom map experience. As a result we're looking to add more "widgets" for the Desktop client in the future (like programmable stand-alone soft triggers, counters, etc) but that won't come for a couple releases at least.

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