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    Sergey Yuldashev

    Hi Paul,

    Indeed in Server response to /ec2/getCamerasEx API request you can see "ptzCapabilitites" parameters for some cameras which is actually mask for different capabilities.
    Any camera with non-zero value of "ptzCapabilities" has some PTZ functions available in Nx Witness a and can be ready to execute corresponding ptz commands.

    Regarding actual values. Every value should be translated from decimal to a binary format. Every "1" bit means some kind of ptz capability.
    Following this link you will find "ptz_caps.txt" file with the most significant bits associated with certain capabilities which can actually be invoked with public API commands.
    Please contact me if you have more questions.

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    Evgeny Balashov


    • NoPtzCapabilities = 0x00000000
    • ContinuousPanCapability = 0x00000001 - can move with certain speed along horizontal axis
    • ContinuousTiltCapability = 0x00000002 - can move with certain speed along vertical axis
    • ContinuousZoomCapability = 0x00000004 - can zoom in/out with certain speed
    • ContinuousFocusCapability = 0x00000008 - can focus in/out with certain speed
    • AbsolutePanCapability = 0x00000010 - can move to a certain "x,y,z" coordinate with certain speed
    • AbsoluteTiltCapability = 0x00000020
    • AbsoluteZoomCapability = 0x00000040
    • ViewportPtzCapability = 0x00000080 - advanced ptz feature, draw rectangle in client to move there
    • PresetsPtzCapability = 0x00010000 - presets are kept in Media Server database
    • ToursPtzCapability = 0x00020000 - camera has ptz tours
    • NativePresetsPtzCapability = 0x08000000 - presets are kept on Camera side
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    Paul Kim

    Thank you for your answer.

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