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    Dien Van Nguyen

    Hello everyone, 

    I am new member of NX Meta Forum. 

    I received the task which integrate my company application with NX VMS Client program. 

    My initial gold is sending Meta data from our application to NX program. 

    Actually, i am not clear about what i have to do yet.  and not understand about how the system will work. I mean data flow of program after integrating. 

    I got Meta SDK and did following the README. I compiled the stub_analytics_plugin.dll. I copied this file to mediaserver/plugins folder. Then restarted server program. I dont know what should i do next. 

    Please help me, and let me clear about what i need to do.


    Thank you so much, 

    Nguyen Van Dien 

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    Tony Luce

    Hi Dien -

    If you can email us at with a quick overview of your application and what level of integration you're attempting to accomplish we can get you pointed in the right direction!

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    Dien Van Nguyen

    Thank for your reply. I will do that now :)

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