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    paul chandler

    6 years ago when I requested this feature, you stated “We keep default credentials per brand in our DB, which gets consistent update every once in a while.” Well, I think the days of factory default passwords have long gone. No more admin:admin, root:pass, admin:12345. I think every major camera manufacturer has moved on to forcing strong passwords during activation. So, exactly how is Autodiscovery supposed to work now? I suppose there might be some obscure manufacturers out there still sending out cams with default passwords. But I seriously doubt the people installing Nx are using them.
    The Obvious solution, and one that would make everything so much better, would be to place a textbox next to the AutoDiscovery enable option where we could enter the password that we set on the cameras during activation. Disable autodiscovery by default so admins would see the password box when they go to enable it.

    I promise I won’t bring this up again. But Nx came up in a Slack group today and I had to say that AutoDiscovery does “discover” but cannot add automatically as it has no way of knowing the camera pw. If I could wish for one fix, this would be it.

    Oh, forget the locking problem that still exists. At least with Hik, the cameras still lock (or maybe when I change the password in the client, it doesn’t try immediately?). Either way, it is a nuisance. Solve the default password problem and the locking problem goes away.

    [I was going to submit this as a new post, but as you see, Rhaphiel beat me to it. So I will add to his post. He is having the same issues with locking that you said you fixed 6 years ago… it still happens.]

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