Two Way Audio via server onboard sound card




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    Miguel Câmara

    Hi Max,

    That is an interesting request, I have just tested an integrated webcam from a laptop running NxMediaServer, and from a NxClient I am able to see and listen to the audio from the laptop.
    This means NxMediaServer has access to both the USB or integrated Webcam as well as the microphone on the Server.

    In this test, my server was running on a laptop with Windows and NxWitness
    Note: The audio did not work with Nx 4.1.0, only after updating

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to speak to the laptop's Speakers.

    The 2 way audio option for the webcam is disabled on NxWitness. I don't know if there is any setting we can change on Windows to allow NxMediaServer to use the speakers at will.

    If there is a way to use the speakers, then all you will need is a USB webcam, a microphone and a Speaker connected to the server.

    We will need feedback from Nx team on whether NxMediaServer can access a server's speakers or not when using the Webcam feature.

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    Tagir Gadelshin

    Miguel Câmara Max Taiani

    Currently, such a feature is not planned. But we'll consider adding it in the future.

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