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    Vivian E. Johnson

    It appears that you're inquiring about integrating OKTA authentication and SAML support with NX Witness for enhanced security and user management capabilities. Integrating OKTA or other identity providers via SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) can indeed enhance security and streamline user authentication.

    However, to achieve official website this integration, it would require development and configuration work from both the NX Witness and OKTA sides. Here are the general steps to achieve such integration:

    NX Witness needs to have SAML authentication support built-in or added through custom development.
    The NX Witness system administrator would configure the SAML settings within NX Witness. This includes specifying the identity provider (OKTA), SAML endpoints, and certificates.

    In the OKTA admin console, you would configure the NX Witness application as a service provider, setting up the SAML connection.
    You would define the SAML attributes and user attributes mappings so that OKTA can provide user information to NX Witness.

    Once configured, you should perform testing to ensure that SAML-based authentication is working correctly.
    This would involve users logging in to NX Witness through OKTA, and NX Witness accepting SAML assertions for authentication.

    If you require multi-factor authentication (MFA) through OKTA, you would configure this within OKTA itself. OKTA provides various MFA options, including TOTP and push notifications.

    With SAML integration, you can enforce security policies and access control rules within OKTA, ensuring that only authorized users gain access to NX Witness.

    Regularly review and update the SAML integration as needed to accommodate changes or updates to OKTA or NX Witness.

    Please note that specific configuration steps and requirements may vary depending on the software versions and capabilities of NX Witness and OKTA. It's essential to consult the documentation and support resources for both systems and consider engaging with the technical support or development teams of the respective products to ensure a successful integration.

    Additionally, check if NX Witness has added or plans to add SAML support in recent updates, as this information may have evolved since your inquiry.

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    David Bessen

    Hi Vivian,

    Really appreciate you taking the time for your reply.

    its greatly appreciate. 

    kind regards


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