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    Tony Luce

    Hi Patrick - 

    The Zapier integration for now operates by sending and receiving HTTP Requests using Nx Cloud's private API.

    Models users can use::

    1. Nx Action (e.g. soft trigger) --> Zapier --> 3rd Party Service
    2. Nx Action --> Zapier --> Other Nx System
    3. Nx System --> Zapier --> Nx System
    4. 3rd Party System --> Zapier --> Event in Nx System

    As such Zapier leverages existing Events and Actions. It does not add any new Events or Actions to the Events & Rules engine.

    So the answer to your questions is:

    Can a Zap only be initiated with a soft trigger ? 

    • No - a Zap can be initiated with any Event combined with an HTTP Request to Zapier. 
    • HOWEVER - as the Cloud API is private you'll have to first create a Zapier zap to get the correct API call to Zapier, and then change the triggering Event.

    Could a Zap be added to the Export Selected Area menu to automate Export to Google Drive or Dropbox ? 

    • No.

    Could a Zap auto export a Bookmark to a Google Drive ? 

    • Exporting Bookmarks is one of the things we are working on, but not possible right now.
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    Robert Podgorski

    Does the Zapier is still in beta, I can not find NX Cloud on Zapier website

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    Nx Support

    Yes, here the link to get access:

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