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  • Storing videos with human faces blurred


    Hi,For privacy concerns, I want to apply blurring/pixelation on human faces and keep it permanent on videos stored by NX.In researching this topic on the forum, I've only come across cases where th...

  • Fast-forward and rewind in the browser


    Hello, Until now, we've been using the HLS endpoint to provide streaming to our end-users in our custom web application.We would now like to provide fast forward and rewind features in the same web...

  • Custom HLS segment duration


    Hi,Is there any way to set a custom segment duration for HLS streaming?NX Witness seems to use a 6 second segment duration by default. By the way, if the segment duration is a multiple of the keyfr...

  • Decode credentials in vms_kvpair (ecs.sqlite)


    Hi,Is there a way to decrypt the credential value stored in the vms_kvpaire table?Context: I lost a camera password and it would be easier to get it from the SQLite DB than resetting it manually......

  • Synchronize archived videos


    Hi,I need to train my multi-camera tracking model with videos recorded by NX Witness.This model requires for successive time points:- a set of synchronized frames from each camera- the related abso...

  • Obtain RTSP stream for recent timestamps


    Hi,Context: I developed an NX plugin to send frames to external software that does multi-object tracking and then stores the results into a database. The end user watches the video stream and the t...

  • Frame timestamp is sometimes greater than the current timestamp


    Hi, As I did not enable the "trust camera timestamp" option, I assume the frame timestamp visible from the plugin is a timestamp set by the server when it receives the frame. Why then is it possibl...

  • testcamera: synchronize multiple streams


    Hi, I'm using the following command: testcamera --camera-for-file --no-secondary files="cam1.mp4,cam2.mp4" But it seems that streams as seen from NX are not synchronized.I want frame N from cam 1 a...

  • WebRTC for sub-second latency


    Basically, I implemented it my own way with RTSP streams that NX server provides + FFmpeg + a WebRTC library + custom code. It works great for watching camera streams in the browser with minimal la...

  • Metadata SDK : synchronize frames from all cameras


    Hi,I'm currently developing a Metadata SDK plugin that will send frames to a deep neural network.The input data processed by the neural network is a batch of synchronized frames from multiple camer...