Tattile ANPR IPC working with Nx ?



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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Guilhem Decoux,

    I just checked my email conversation I had with Tatille in 2018 and this is what they told me:

    It is possible to upload plates on camera (they can be retrieved also from a FTP server) using the option “check list” in web page

    If I understood correctly, one option for you could be use the “Template message” which is described in 19.8 of the Vega user manual (attached); once the plate in blacklist will be recognized, the camera will send a HTTP_POST to a specific server, you can choose the format of the message according to your application (can be HMTL, XML, JSON.. as example); the camera will replace valid Vega TAGs and let the rest of the message unchanged.

    I just checked, the guy I got this from, isn't working at Tatille anymore, so I don't have any sensible contact details for you.

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