Axis M7016 16 Channel Encoder 4IP addresses over 16 channels - Licencing



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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Aaron ONeill,

    First you always check is the device is on the supported device list. Which is the case, but the PTZ option isn't selected.

    This could mean two things we don't know at this stage.

    1. The device doesn't support PTZ support.
    2. Less than 3 devices in 3 different systems has used this option.

    The reason is that many manufacturers create 1 firmware for all devices, regardless if you can connect the PTZ telemetry to the unit. Meaning that if you add the device to our VMS, the device will report PTZ support, while in reality, you cannot connect the PTZ telemetry to the device itself.

    Therefore, we chose to list it if it was actually used on the device. Unfortunately, at this moment we can't confirm if PTZ will work or not. That being said, if the single channel encoder is from the same series, it is very likely the 16 channel encoder will support PTZ as well.

    Regarding licenses.

    To add the device and use the PTZ controls, no licenses are required.

    To record the channels, Professional licenses (1 per channel) are required or Encoder licenses (1 per 4 channels). Typically, I would recommend to use Professional licenses, since this might be more expensive today, experience learns that people eventually will replace the analog cameras for IP cameras and in that case they can continue to use the professional licenses, while an encoder license becomes useless.

    In case rules are used to control the PTZ options, licenses are required or assure the device is streaming live video in the client.


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