PTZ Soft Trigger for Tours / Home Timer Adjustment / Speed Adjustment



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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Rhaphiel Molinar,

    I have edited your comment to divide the questions, so it is easier for me to respond.

    I think these are reasonable requests, but it is up to our product team to decide if they can honor your request.

    But I might be able to offer you some workarounds, although aren't the most elegant solutions.

    1. With our PTZ API (/api/ptz), you can retrieve (GetToursPtzCommand) the list of PTZ tours that are present in Nx. and once you have the UUID of the PTZ tour you want, you can trigger this with a Soft Trigger as the event and Do HTTP request as the action.

      Important to know; since v5.0 by default users are authenticated through bearer authentication, this it is recommended to create a specific user to control the PTZ API and set this as a Digest Authentication user as described in THIS support article.

    2. Although you cannot change the timer, you could use a Soft Trigger and a Do HTTP request to activate the preset (with ActivatePresetPtzCommand) that was used for the home position, this way they can at least move to the home position asap without the hotkey and a Soft Trigger instead.
    3. This is a bit more challenging, since you can do this with the Nx Witness PTZ API, but if you have the API of the PTZ camera ánd the PTZ camera offers a scan option, you could do something similar as mentioned in the previous two workarounds. If the API documentation of the applicable PTZ camera has an option to start the scan, you can use the Do HTTP request action as well, but instead of requesting the API call to the server, you request the call to the device itself, with the device credentials.

    I hope this is clear enough, otherwise, please let me know and I will try to provide more information.



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