Trouble connecting camera over LTE



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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Johnathan Powell,

    The first option I would do is checking if the camera is listed in our supported device list. Which I checked, and this is the case.

    The second thing I would check is the ports. I assume the LTE modem is unrelated, but it is good to verify if the ports are listed as OPEN.

    You can use a tool like nmap to do this verification.

    The commands to check this would be:

    nmap –p <port> <externalIpAddressOftheModem>

    For example:

    nmap –p 80

    The third option I would do is following the suggestions of the Camera Diagnostics.  In your case, rebooting the camera and restoring the factory defaults of the camera.

    Especially since you mentioned that  the camera works just fine in Axis companion, it might be that Axis Companion created some profiles, that won't work with our software. By factory defaulting the camera, all these profiles will be removed, and our software is capable of creating the profiles it requires to connect successfully.

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