How to create multiple alarm handler sequence ?

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    Anton Babinov

    Hi Yoshitaka,

    I believe most functionality can be implemented via nx rules engine.


    Customers using Xprotect, use the alarm function to activate some screen layouts, so-called the view group, to encourage security guards to check designated view to check the camera at a set time.

    You can use open layout action in rules engine to open specific layout for a specific moment in time.

    1. Not only view gropu, able to playback 10 sec in advance, How?
    (*) if time is set 14:00, the owner wants security guards  to check 10 sec before the time that the supervisor set, thus, 13:59:50 will be located and playback.

    Open layout action allows you to configure this. In rule option you can select if you need live stream or delayed:

    2. Beep sound when a alarm is activated.
    Once an event is triggered, a beep sound should be keep to avoid forgetting to check the camera. How to keep beep sound?

    there are play/repeat sound action in the rule engine which will allow to do this.

    3. Making a report
    If the security guard detects something, they must make a report. Current users write report with XProtect, they does not use another application to write it. How to integrate this function to Nx.

    Can you give more details on this? Do they send this report to third party system or how it can be checked after submitted? As an option, security guards can create bookmarks marking intervals of recorded video archive with tags and description.


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    Yoshitaka Muroi

    Hi Anton

    Thank you very much for answering our questions. 

    For making a report functions as following.
    - Created report can be save into local drive as PDF
    - in this function, just comment can be leaved by a security guard.

    The screen shot is attached. As you can see. only the filed, comment in Japanese, is editable. the rest of filed are filed with respective info from corresponding alarm handler.

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