NX Mobile stuttering




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    Andy Knuts

    It is, however, running on an old server with a single L5640 CPU. Maybe I need to upgrade to a newer system as it's a pretty old CPU and maybe that's the reason why the stream is stuttering on mobile.

    I can arrange that but it won't fix the resolution on the mobile app...

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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Andy Knuts,

    I noticed that your topic is still unanswered.

    Some phone (iPhones) particularly don't allow displaying anything above their screen resolution and transcoding is forced. Transcoding adds additional load on the CPU and a more powerful CPU might help, but also the SoC on the phone itself needs to be able to process the transcoding.

    I can't tell what will be the bottleneck in this case; the phone or the CPU.

    If you like, I can verify the issue on my phone which has a native screen resolution of 4K and has a powerful SoC as well and this is would be very unlikely the bottleneck. Let me know, and I'll provide you an email address which you can use to add me as a cloud user.

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