Quicksync hardware acceleration ?

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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Dion Maher,

    The hardware acceleration is solely used for the Nx Witness Desktop client.

    The server hardware recommendations are already pretty lightweight, you use a Celeron CPU for up to 50 HD cameras or an i3 for up to 128 HD cameras.

    Also, for the client, the hardware recommendations aren't really over the top. Most users will have enough capacity with an i5 and 8 GB RAM and standard onboard graphics.

    There are plans to support Nvidia Hardware Acceleration in the future, but no fix release version is available at the moment.

    The GPU is mainly used for distribution of multiple monitor outputs, and is used for dewarping on the fly, drawing animations, controls, and rendering UI elements in the client.


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    Dion Maher

    Thanks Norman

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