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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hello Marek Miezianko,

    I notice two things.

    First. Your rules are set to all administrators, therefore you receive the same message twice (one for the owner and one for the administrators, which includes the owner).

    Second. At 7:41:41 the camera failed to provide the packet requested by the servers in time. Which eventually will lead to the unexpected closing of the connection. The reason you still see the footage is that, since it is TCP, eventually the packets are delivered.

    To reduce or even eliminate this issue, you could reduce the framerate and/or resolution and/or quality and/or switch from H.265 to H.264. All these parameters affect the load on the camera SoC and when reducing these, the load on the SoC also gets reduced.

    Especially when in-camera analytics are used, the load on the SoC can be stretched too much.

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