Plugin is receiving both primary and secondary stream together when other plugin selects different stream type



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    Anton Babinov

    Hi Jason,

    The server plugin returns the manifest string as follows.


               "preferredStream": "secondary",




    (The reason for doing this is that the server plug-in wants to use a secondary stream by default. Nx tells us that it works only by doing this. However, this way, the user cannot select a stream. This is not what we want.)

    As I recall, suggested manifest was a way to work around an issue when without disableStreamSelection option, user interface would show primary stream regardless of the preferredStream value. However, this issue is fixed in the up to date meta builds. 

    In this state, if the Edge plug-in selects the input as the Primary stream, both the Primary stream and the Secondary stream come to the server plug-in, and the two cannot be distinguished. And the plugin doesn't know if all frames are coming or not.

    Could you please tell a little bit more about edge plugin? At the moment I'm not sure how it have any impact on the stream selection for the server plugin. Am I right to assume this plugin is implemented without involving metadata SDK and working only on the camera? How does it push events/objects to the mediaserver? 


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