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    Anderson Chang

    Hi Kisanga Somacyril | Veracity,

    The Nx Witness does not support the PELCO-D protocol.

    We do have an alternative option for this usage.
    Does your camera support the API for triggering the wiper?
    If so, you can use the Soft Trigger of the Nx Witness to trigger the wiper.
    Please refer to this COMMENT of my colleague Norman for setting up the Soft Trigger.

    Thank you.

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    Norman - Nx Support

    HI Kisanga Somacyril | Veracity,

    One addition to the comment of my colleague.

    Pelco-D is an analog protocol and Anderson Chang is right, we do not support this protocol. 

    But we do support encoders and DVRs that do offer support for the Pelco-D protocol, and we support the PTZ controls for these devices. Still, be aware that not all devices support wiper controls, but only PTZ controls. So please verify this upfront. Also, there might be limitations in the options to control the wiper through a third party system.

    Give the likely age of the devices, the additional costs for encoders, I would suggest considering replacing the devices for native IP based PTZ cameras, so the customer has a flawless experience with much better image quality.

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