VIVOTEK Audio Horn integration (AU-001 & AU-002)




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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Visus Support,

    If the device is Onvif Profile S Compliant, it should work straight out the box, possibly including push-to-talk.
    If you want us to test it, we should get access to such device through port forwarding.

    If it is not Onvif Profile S compliant, most likely you can load sounds/messages in the web interface and activate these with the help of an HTTP request from the server to the device, so you can activate any Event to trigger the Do HTTP request to play the sound and or message through the devices. 

    We can test this as well, but we would need the API documentation for these devices and remote access through port forwarding.

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    Visus Support

    Hello Norman,

    I still haven't gotten my hands on one, but from the Specs it doesn't seem to be ONVIF compliant... But I will double check.

    In the meantime I will try to get my hands on one for Demo and set it up for your remote testing.



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