Live Camera stream as screensaver (or similar solution)




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    Hi Stefan Dekkers ,

    You can try DESKTOP CAMERA , the detail on MyNx > Works with Nx, also DESKCAMERA website.

    Maybe you can ask if they had such functions. So far, Nx Witness does not support Screensaver-like function.

    Maybe a better workaround would be dual monitors, and let the dedicated monitor do the task at a time.(One for register, the other one is camera feeds.)



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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Stefan Dekkers,

    There is no function inside Nx Witness that allows you to do this.

    But I did some DuckDuckGo-ing regarding this topic and found THIS ancient topic somewhere.

    The only thing you could change is instead of closing the application, you might consider minimizing it.

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    Stefan Dekkers

    Thanks for the reply, going to take a look at desk camera but i think is works the other way around. 

    we have 2 solutions we are trying / testing at the moment:

    1: Set NX witness exe file as screensaver
    You can turn any exe file into a screensaver, rename it into *.SCR
    When screensaver time is there it turns on the software, but closing it is not on mouse or keyboard strike.
    You have to manually close it with the X button.
    Problem here is i cant let NX witness boot full screen with preferred camera view, or can i? 


    2: We found a piece of software to load a webpage as screensaver.
    on mouse or keyboard input it disappears like a real screensaver. 

    Now we need to test if this browser supports RTSP streams.

    Software involved:


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