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    Raúl Colomer

    Hello Anton,

    For example I have several logs with license plate 7375FJN and if I search by:

    7375 - matched

    73 - matched

    FJN - not matched

    I will wait for the new version to see the improvements of the search for bookmarks.

    Thank you Anton

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    Anton Babinov

    Hello Raúl,

    could you please provide a few search examples of your use case?

    At the moment, there are some limitations in the bookmarks search engine - it looks for the pattern search-string*. Search query AAA wouldn't match string BAAA. 

    AAABBB - matched

    sometext AAABsometext - matched

    sometext sometextAAAsometext - not matched


    Our team is working on the improvement of the bookmark search and it should be improved in one of the future releases, likely v4.2. 


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