What might cause the scroll zoom to reset constantly?




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    Derek Mangasarian

    Hi Jeff,

    I was unable to replicate the issue on my end.

    Could you provide the details of the layout you see this behavior on such as:

    Minimum Grid Size settings, Cell Aspect Ratio

    I found that if the zoom is slightly closer than the default aspect ratio, it will zoom back out. If zoomed in far enough, I was unable to make the zoom reset with or without bookmarks.

    If possible, you can also share a video of the zoom behavior for us.

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    Jeff Jones

    The layout isn't anything special and the zooming problem happens when clicked in to a single camera. 

    Here is a screen capture of the general layout.


    Here's a link to a video showing how it happens. About 35 seconds into the clip you'll see me click off to the desktop and the zoom stays put until I click back into DWS.  


    I can go to random locations on the timeline and it seems to stay put, including with live view. I think mostly the bookmarked sections seem to trigger the issue.

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Jeff Jones,

    I tried reproducing the issue, just as my colleague,Derek Mangasarian, but couldn't reproduce it unfortunately.
    Would it be possible to add me as a cloud user to that specific system?  

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