Recording VIA RTSP link Freezing/framing




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    Wendy Chuang

    Hi Wade,

    Could you share more detailed information about your case, or share the below info:
    1. Nx server version 
    2. Screen recording of your issue if it's possible to provide
    3. Do you install the Nx server and client in the same machine?
    If not, please also share the hardware spec of your  client machine.
    4. The number of LIVE stream that you are playing at the same time
    5. At the time, could you check if there's any device event (e.g. Network issue ) appears in the Event Log page? 

    We're looking forward to your feedback, thank you.

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Wade Bryant,

    I was just wondering if you managed to resolve the issue, or our support is still required? 

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