How H/W spec do you recommend on NX Desktop ?




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    Wendy Chuang

    Hi TY,

    May I know how many streams you are playing at the same time across 3 monitors?

    Please refer to the article here for the suggestion of hardware spec. The i7 CPU should be affordable for 16 concurrent HD streams. Since the image decoding process is handled by CPU, it is expected that the CPU usage raise high if you opened too many streams on 3 monitors at the same time.
    In order to reduce the CPU loading, it is recommended that
    1. Reduce the number of concurrent streams
    2. If you installed the Nx server and desktop client at the same machine, separate them to different machine.

    Let us know if you have further question, thank you.

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    TY Li

    Hi Wendy

    I'd read the case you've mentioned, but it doesn't relevant to my question.

    I need a solution for playing 40 steams at the same time over 3 monitors.


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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi TY Li

    We do not have strict guidelines for multi monitor setups since it is varies a bit on the hardware and OS that are used.  

    On my system, I can open 3 instances of Nx Witness with 14 Full HD cameras for each instance, that display the secondary stream and have a CPU load of ~40% (i7-10510U) and a RAM load of ~6 GB.  My desktop operating system is Ubuntu Linux. 

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