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    Tagir Gadelshin

    Hi, R! Thanks for the feedback, this helps us a lot!

    Showing the number of notifications will be implemented in some future versions, probably with the list of notifications inside the app.

    > When I click the notification, it opens the mobile app from scratch (so multi-view)

    This is strange, I can't reproduce it on my side. I'm using version 20.1.31012 and when I open the notification, the app opens a specified camera:

    1. Can you check if you are using the latest build (31012)? You can see it either in Test Flight app or inside NX app at the bottom when the left side menu is opened
    2. Do you see this all the time, for all notifications?
    3. Can you provide a device model and iOS version also?


    Tagir, Nx Team

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    Tagir Gadelshin

    Although I can confirm that we have a bug that can lead to this situation, it is discussed in another topic:

    The last comments from Olga on that topic show that the problem may occur if the notification is not opened immediately but after some time:


    1. Block device screen
    2. Send 2-3 more push notifications with blocked screen
    3. Unblock device screen after several minutes (possibly, the app went to sleep)
    4. Open push notifications list and tap on one of the recently received notification

      Actual result:
      Mobile Client opens and displays camera list

    So our dev team is working on this issue and we hope this bug will be fixed in the release version of the app.

    Internal: JIRA-MOBILE-1182

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    R DS

    Tagir Gadelshin thanks, I can confirm it's intermittent - it's now working perfectly a few hours after complaining about it !


    I'm on build 31012, iPhone 6, iOS 12.4.6



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