How to submit a support request?

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    Duncan Miller

    The support request only has the option for "License Question". What if there is a support issue other than that? 

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Duncan Miller,

    Your primary support source would be Digital Watchdog, your reseller.  

    I have read your comment in your other topic and will most certainly address this to DW since they should be aware and have the option to resolve this. 

    Although we understand people like direct support, consider that we have tens of authorized resellers, who have hundreds of downstream customers (integrators), who often also have hundreds of downstream customers (end-users), which leads to thousands of users they might require support. We simply do not have the manpower of doing all 1st and 2nd tier support requests. For this reason all our authorized resellers are educated to offer such support to avoid email back and forth.

    In case of tier 3 support, they can submit a ticket, and they will be the man in the middle, this seems cumbersome, but for us and them, it helps to get familiar with the issue and when they encounter such issues the next time, they are most likely capable of resolving it themselves.

    For anyone that wants to have direct support, we have this community.

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