Bugs and motion detection at night



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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Paul,

    What you describe are video content analytics and they are available in (some) cameras of:

    1. Axis
    2. Digital Watchdog
    3. Hanwha
    4. Hikvision
    5. VCA Technology
    6. Dahua (from v4.0)

    And as HTTP events in:

    1. Allgovision
    2. Bosch
    3. Milesight
    4. Vivotek 
    5. and many more

    Rain, dust, and snow are tough, even for video content analytics, but there is often a big difference noticeable. 
    If the situation is really critical and the number of false-positive should be reduced as much as possible, thermal cameras with video content analytics are a good choice. 

    Another viable option is the use of IR or laser detectors. For example, the IP models of GJD work just great with Nx Witness. 

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