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    Mike Shevchenko

    Hi Pavel!

    To be able to implement a plugin in a language other than C/C++, you need to investigate which means of integration with C/C++ does that language provide.

    Basically, you have to learn how to create a dynamic library (.dll for Windows, .so for Linux) using that language.

    If the language provides only C integration rather than C++ (most likely it will be the case), you have to manually implement the mapping from our C++ headers to plain C (substituting each class with virtual functions with a C structure with function pointers), and then implement the plugin's main exported function so that it returns a pointer to a structure with function pointers inside.

    Specifically for C#, the following approach may help: implement the Plugin dynamic library in Managed C++ (using the SDK headers directly), and in this implementation call C# modules to perform the job.

    Hope that helps, and looking forward to hearing from you should further questions arise.

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