Nx Meta: Lower resolution stream from the server for plug-in?



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    Sergey Yuldashev

    Hi Jason,

    I really don't know your current environment. But let's assume you're dealing with a regular camera integrated into Nx.
    In this case you'll definitely see something like this in the GUI:

    Both camera streams are configurable with API calls:


    To get options for framerate and resolution you need to check through response for:


    If you're using not the camera but generic RTSP/HTTP/UDP streams, there won't be options to change FPS/resolution though.


    By default Media Server uses Primary stream but the thing is that usually Server selects profiles for Primary stream with much higher resolution options that you need.

    But there is a way to force Media Server use Secondary stream for analysis:

    1. Create directory:
      Linux: /etc/nx_ini
      Windows: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\nx_ini
    2. Navigate to that directory and create file mediaserver.ini
    3. Restart Media Server process to load mediaserver.ini
    4. In that ini file find string analyzeSecondaryStream=0 and change value to 1
    5. Restart Media Server to apply changes

    Please take into account that "mediaserver.ini" method was designed for experimental purposes only. It should never be applied at the production/end-users environments.

    Settings changes introduced with its modification will very likely be lost on the upgrade. Also Quality Assurance procedures cover only "default" state of the mediaserver.ini. So any modification makes your system less stable.

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    Roman Inflianskas

    It would be great if the plugin could choose per stream per camera.

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