Support for S3 or Object storage as backup or recording destination?



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    Sergey Yuldashev

    Hello Matt,

    I'm Network Optix Support team representative. 

    First, let me disclose some future plans here.

    In 4.2 our team is going to introduce AWS S3-based Nx Cloud Storage with certain and specific licensing/billing.
    Not sure that it will meat your words about being "scalable", from how we see it now it's more about consumer-level customers.

    Second, having previous thing in mind it becomes clear that we're definitely gonna use S3 API to implement that. Not sure what company strategy will be in future, maybe they'll even decide to make that part of code available for all customers to build up their own Storage Clusters. I am personally a supporter of this idea and will root for.

    Third thing - not sure if you've heard of that - but with every Media Server installation there's special Storage SDK distributed which allows anyone with certain experience in C++ to develop their own implementation of any storage-related protocol.
    As of know I've heard of at least 2 cases of the more or less successful S3 integration. I don't have their contacts, sorry, but it would be really cool if they jump in if they see this discussion!

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    Matthew Del Salto

    I have a solution that works with S3 protocol on Windows based servers. It is on the operating system level and NX sees a new hard drive that can be used for storage. It is currently in private beta. Pricing will be competitive to AWS based storage.

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    Matt Barber

    Sergey,   Thank you all for the follow up and update.  I look forward to seeing the new features as they are released.


    Matthew,  I sent you an email.


    If anyone else has experience with this kind of deployment, I'm open to ideas.


    Much appreciated,


    Matt Barber


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