Use native or ONVIF for Axis cameras?




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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Peter,

    For Axis, we currently use the Vapix to discover the cameras, but the models you are using are discontinued by Axis and therefore I'm not sure how they will be added. 

    Given the fact that the cameras are duplicates, my assumption is that they are added via Onvif. 
    It will be duplicated only if the reports a different interior ID number for different Onvif requests.

    I would recommend checking if there is a newer firmware available for these cameras to fix this issue.

    If you have firmware that supports the latest Vapix, that the issue should be resolved.  


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    Pieter Viljoen

    The cameras may be old models, but they work fine, and they are running the latest firmware.


    1) How do I know what driver is being used?


    2) Is there a way to seed the camera login credentials, it is a pain to have to enter credentials for each camera, and if I don't do it quickly enough, the camera locks the login due to too many wrong logins.

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Pieter,

    I'm not doubting they work fine, but since they are older models they might not be compatible with the latest Vapix version. 
    Cameras with the latest Vapix are added via Vapix to Nx Witness, older models are likely added via Onvif. 

    Axis should be able to provide you the answer which version of Vapix is supported. 

    Regarding the credentials; 

    There are 2 options: 

    1. Disable auto-discovery and add them manually with a subnet scan with the proper credentials
    2. Allow the system to auto-discover them and after they have been discovered, click on the top camera in the device tree and hold shift and click on the last camera in the device tree and right-click on the selected cameras and select 'Camera Settings'. In the tab 'General' you can enter the credentials for all selected cameras and click 'Oke'. The cameras might be locked due to the delay but will unlock after X time (varies per brand). If you power-cycle the cameras after the credentials are changed in Nx Witness often this help to minimize the delay. 

    Ps. In which country do is live? When we know we can bring you in contact with one of our resellers who could provide you a demo and answer all (most) of your questions at once. 

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    Pieter Viljoen

    How do I know what protocol / driver Nx is using to communicate with my camera?


    Re credentials, multi select, didn't know I could do that, thanks.

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Pieter,

    You can use our API to get the information which protocol is used. 
    You can find the API in the WebAdmin of each system under 'For Developers'. 

    The following API call would do the job to find out if the camera uses Onvif or it's native API.  


    If you want more information about the cameras, like resolutions, fps, etc. use the following API call:


    These two methods will show the information of all cameras in the system. 
    If you want the information of only 1 camera, you can use the following URL:


    The camera ID can be obtained from the first two API calls or via the Nx Desktop application via the 'Camera Settings' menu, tab 'Advanced'. 

    So the API would look like something like this: 



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    Pieter Viljoen

    Ok, I'll try it out when I'm at the system.

    May I suggest an enhancement to simply note it in the camera settings UI (Similar to how XProtect would show what version of what driver is being used for the device).

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Pieter,

    I will discuss this request internally since I understand the use case, but I also want to give you an insight into our vision about the UI. 

    One of the key features of Nx Witness is to keep it as simple as possible and therefore we would like to avoid clutter in the UI. 
    For most users, it is irrelevant what drivers are used, as long as they get the image and can playback, archive, set up a recording, motion detection, notifications, etc.  

    The users that need to have this information or just want to know, in general, don't have any issues with the method I described since they are used to use API for various reasons.  

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