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    Norman - Nx Support

    Hi Ryan,

    There is no out-of-the box solution to run the Nx Desktop Client on a smart TV. 
    What he could do is using the browser inside the smart TV and log into the Nx WebAdmin for live viewing and playback.

    The NUC or a similar mini PC seems like the best option, but for smaller systems, you also could use an Intel Computestick. These will connect to an HDMI port on the television and are capable to run the Nx Desktop Client, although with a limited amount of cameras. 

    These NUCs and Compute sticks can be controlled via wireless keyboard and mouse or run an application like Remote Mouse or similar applications on your mobile phone or tablet. 

    One big downside of smart TV's is that in general, they get very poor support on the firmware and quite soon the TV is exposed to multiple vulnerabilities, sometimes even on the day you bought the TV. 

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