Nx Meta: How do we show annotation around the tracked objects?



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    Nx Support

    Hi Jason, thanks for your post. I'll try to answer your questions.

    Talking about showing some info about the object near the bounding box: it is already possible, you can check IObjectMetadata interface, it has attribute() and attributeCount() methods.
    An example of the implementation of that interface is ObjectMetadata class which you can find among other helper classes provided together with the SDK. It has addAttributes() method. You can also check a plugin example (stub_analytics_plugin) that is provided together with the SDK. There's a makeObjectMetadata() function that uses the addAttributes() method in order to add the attributes to the object. If those attributes are of the string type, they will be shown on the image near the bounding box, and also in the object's tile in the desktop client's Right Panel. Just follow the following format when adding an attribute: {IAttribute::Type::string, "name", "value"}.
    As for showing the traces of the objects: we are currently considering making it, but I don't think it will be introduced soon.
    But we plan to introduce the possibility to specify the plugin settings by drawing the area of interest in one of the nearest META releases.
    As for showing the area of interest in GUI upon some event: we are currently considering implementing it, but I can't tell how soon it will be done.
    Thank you for your interest in Nx MetaVMS, we really appreciate it.
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    Jason Shim

    Thanks for your advice. We could show the attributes.


    It would be really amazing if you allows us to draw something on the image window. I will look forward to it.

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