Dual socket ARM server compatibility.




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    Nx Support

    While we are focused on edge devices, there is no edge-specific code in there, so it should work anywhere. The only requirement right now is Debian-based operating system, Ubuntu for example.

    We can provide a build for 64bit ARM right now, it is available as part of Nx Meta Developers Early Access Program. 


    Would you like to test it in your environment?


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    Lee Brown

    Thanks for the clarification. We use Debian now for the Host OS and Ubuntu for the VM's. Using a Debian based VM for the ARM build is attractive and we will try it as soon as I can procure an ARM virtualization server for evaluation.

    Looking forward to providing feedback on the results.

    Thanks again.

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    Nx Support

    Hello Lee, Did you sign up to get the ARM build?


    If not - please, create an account here: https://meta.nxvms.com and let us know - we will set up access for you

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