Axis 2050-VE




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    Tony Luce

    Hi John - 

    I know of a few Resellers / White Label partners that have tested this before and reported positive results. Not sure how it works in the client  or if it's displayed, though. If you do get a chance to test it let us know!

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    Jon Dillabaugh

    Sorry for the late reply here John, but yes it does work well in Nx/Spectrum. We only used it for a demo purpose but it worked well for us.

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi John, 

    I can confirm this as well. I had a demo-unit available and it was discovered automatically by our software. The Radar image can be added to the VMS as well and also can be recorded. 

    The events of the radar device can be used in our rules engine. Just select 'Analytics Event' as the event and combine it with the desired action. 

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