Nx Meta4.0 R4 DeviceAgent::pluginSideSettings?



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    Mike Shevchenko

    Answering 1. As stated in the documentation for pluginSideSettings():

    In addition to the settings stored in a Server database, a DeviceAgent can have some settings which are stored somewhere "under the hood" of the Engine, e.g. on a device acting as a DeviceAgent's backend. Such settings do not need to be explicitly marked in the Settings Model, but every time the Server offers the user to edit the values, it calls this method and merges the received values with the ones in its database.

    Answering 2. According to the above documentation, there is no special function to set plugin-side settings - the values of all settings (including the plugin-side settings, if any) are sent together when the Server calls setSettings(). NOTE: The documentation for setSetting() has been updated to reflect this fact.

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