How can we recognize the event click "chip" button in stub_analytics_plugin ?




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    Evgeny Balashov

    That click is handled on the client side only and doesn't go anywhere. The only purpose of this button is to change the way video stream is rendered - to enable or disable the visualization for metadata.

    SDK doesn't need to know about that. Also, the server needs to get metadata regardless the GUI, because we store all metadata and make it available for search and playback.

    For SDK there is a setting which enables analytics for the specific camera (check Camera settings -> Analytics). Once specific analytics is enabled - server will initialize DeviceAgent. Once the analytics is disabled - server will destroy DeviceAgent for this camera.

    You can use this to understand, when do you need to start or stop the processing for the video.

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    Dien Van Nguyen

    Thanks for your reply. We will consider about it.

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    Evgeny Balashov

    As for things like people counting, or line crossing events:

    One possible way to bring this functionality is to mark objects crossing that line with specific metadata attribute. This way it will be possible to search all object by that attribute value and count results for any time interval in the past, not only in the real-time.





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