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    I would start from removing all the third party files you copied to the SSL folder.

    Once done:

    Get .pem certificate file somehow(from the trusted provider or generate by some software)
    Stop the Media Server
    Go to C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Network Optix\Nx Witness Media Server\ssl directory
    Remove the existing cert.pem* file
    Put certificate received in point 1 of this list to this "ssl" directory
    Change file name to cert.pem
    Start the server

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    Evgeny Balashov

    Please, check also that the certificate files has such format: 


    -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----


    -----END PRIVATE KEY-----



    -----END CERTIFICATE-----



    If not - check if any files have such format.

    Basically, server needs to read both - Private key and Public key to support your SSL certificate.


    Also, can you run SSL Labs check after the certificate is installed? If you get that problem in the browser, SSL Labs check should show you what is wrong with the certificate specifically.


    And one more thing to check: while you requested the certificate - probably you used the specific domain address or IP. Is that right? Are you using the same address while making requests?


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    Eddie Jhang

    Thanks a lot!

    Finally, I find a format error on typing cert.pem.

    And it is working now.

    Sorry to bother Igal and Evgeny Balashov for a long time.

    Really thanks a lot

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Eddie, 

    That's great news. 

    We are always more than help out an Nx user. 

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