Event Rules for Servers




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    Malcolm Goon Chew

    Good idea. Would like to also see some rules/events around Storage Analytics ie. When 'Free Space gets to 10% or less" or when "Forecast Usage exceeds 90%".

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    Goodmorning! We have developed a monitoring tool (Smart Cloud Monitor)  for Video Management Servers and Clients. In this tool your are able to monitor any possible server performance metrics and incidents. 


    • Server Performace
    • High CPU or Memory Utilization
    • Network bandwiht usage
    • Packet los rate
    • Interface error rate
    • Aggrgate trhoughput of core router is low


    • Server Availability
    • Free disk space is low
    • Device temperature is too high
    • Fan is in critical state
    • Network connection is down

    and many more.

    Please feel free to contact us for information: jmeulenkamp@wsmt.nl 


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    Norman Graafsma

    Thank you, John, for adding this to the community. 


    Miguel, Malcolm, 

    There are no plans at this stage since we mainly focus on the Video Management part in our software. Not in the last place,  since there are quite some hardware and network monitoring already available in the market which we unlikely can beat. 

    I would consider reaching out to John and have a look at their solutions. 


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