Analytics cameras and LPR cameras working with NX?




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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Catalin,

    The analytics of Axis, Hanwha, and Hikvision are fully integrated into v3.2

    But there are more options. You can virtually use any analytics solution that can send HTTP events. 
    For example, Milesight and VCA Technology can send these events.

    For LPR the Hikvision DS-2CD4A26FWD-(IZHS)(LZS)/P is integrated. 

    Also, I was informed that the Tattile VEGA LPR cameras can be used as well by using the HTTP events, but this was never officially confirmed. 

    And the FF Group can provide you a plugin to work with their LPR software within Nx Witness.

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    Catalin Apopei

    thanks for the answer. because I hate axis, looks like my options are limited;

    I'll start with couple of hanwha cameras; will see how it works

    any words about Digital Watchdog LPR cameras? are those going to be integrated? 

    by integrated I want something like when a plate is being recognized to be displayed into a different tab or over the same image tab

     I'll contact FF group to have more details about their software, hardware requirements and prices.


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    Patrick Kelly


    RE: about Digital Watchdog LPR cameras? are those going to be integrated? 

    The DWC-MB44iALPR works with DW Spectrum . The DWC-MB44LPRC6 & DWC-MB44LPRC1 both come with DW Spectrum running onboard as part of our CaaS series of cameras, one ships with 64GB SD card and the other ships with 128GB SD card. In all three cases, these are capture cameras designed to capture the licence plate as part of the video stream. 

    We plan to additional functionality for ANPR capability as part of an upcoming release of DW Spectrum with the release of Meta. This release will include a redesinged right panel where meta data will be displayed. 

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    Catalin Apopei

    hello again. 

    Just received two XNO-6010 and looks like those cameras doesn't have the analytics integrated.

    Is there anything special setup? Followed the youtube, activated analytics within cameras, works there.

    however the event screen show that cameras has no analytics available


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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Catalin, 

    That is strange. The datasheets show that this camera provides analytics. 
    I will submit your question as a support ticket and we will continue the conversation there. 

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    Catalin Apopei

    So, for everyone out there looking for analytics cameras integrated in DW Spectrum, you should know that analytics from HANWUA cameras are not processed by Spectrum DW. 

    Most probably DW Spectrum is limited for analytics only at DW cameras. 

    The worst is that current version is not working even with DW cameras, I have a couple of DW turret with analytics in test, and even I activate the analytics in camera, I can create an analytics event in Spectrum and I can select that turret, the actual event doesn't show in Spectrum.

    Conclusion: even the DW Spectrum is powered by NX as stated on the web page, the two are different regarding integration and features.

    Too bad that I found it hard way, gonna cost me a lot.


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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Catalin,

    You are right. Hanwha analytics aren't integrated in DW Spectrum, only in Nx Witness.

    You started your topic with: 

    "Are there any cameras with integrated analytics who works well in NX software?"

    So based on that question we continued the conversation. 

    Be aware that all statements on our website, including this community, applies to the Nx Witness VMS, all statements on the Digital Watchdog website applies to the DW Spectrum VMS. 

    I would suggest reaching out to Digital Watchdog, since they have a wide collection of cameras and hardware, optimized for DW Spectrum and I'm sure they can offer you a solution that fits your needs and budget. 

    A fight is never lost until it is ended. ;-)


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    Catalin Apopei

    It's ok,

    I don't to try to suggest that is your fault. I started the topic wrong, actually I started with a false supposition that NX and DW Spectrum are identical, only branding differences.

    I do however suggest that you put a disclaimer on your site, saying that the other branded system might not have the same features and capabilities as the original NX.

    My fault, I learn it hard way. Doesn't matter it's just fu....g money, I'll work and make them back.

    Regarding DW, I actually prefer to change my most important clients from DW to NX as the after sale support from DW is awful. And in time to use only NX. 

    I will start later some topics about few technical issues I see now, that I might encounter, during this moving configuration like this.

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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Catalin, 

    Thank you for the clarification. I hope that the project turns out well in the end. 

    Feel free to open a ticket when you encounter technical issues, we are more than happy to see what we can do for you.  

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