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    Norman Graafsma

    HI Tore,

    I do not expect to resolve this request on a short notice, but I will share this with our dev team. 

    But a fault is a fault, right?

    If you want to reduce the RTP package losses you can take one or multiple of the following steps; 

    1. Ask the camera manufacturer to resolve the issue. This is the most logical solution since the root of the cause is the camera. 
    2. Change the framerate and/or bitrate of the camera to lower the load on the camera.
    3. Ask us to change the threshold of the RTP package losses via our support portal. Therefore we need access to the server via the WebAdmin or TeamViewer. 
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    Tore Myhren



    This is NOT a fault, it is a tips for a new feature for your development-team! 

    I HOPE this can be considered implemented in a coming version of NX!



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    Fredrik Ahlsen

    The current workaround is to disable notificatons for Network Issues in NX:


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    Tore Myhren

    Hello Fredrik!

    Always nice to get advice's from Norway's best NX expert and the best re seller of this fantastic software!
    I know of-course of the simple solution to my question, but the feature I should like to see is a adjustable limiter for how much errors the software can accept before sending a warning.
    In my example, a packet-loss is not necessary something witch means a faulty picture, but it indicates that SOMETHING could be better. If I could adjust the limit so that the software only will warn me if this is so serious that it will mean loss of pictures, it will be more useful. I know how this works and the warnings is a great help when problems occurs, but when you have small faults from the cameras all the time it is often best to turn off the warnings INSTEAD of checking further witch is a loss. 
    I dont want to accept faults in my network, but the producer of my cameras have to take the blame of most of the (small amounts) faults as I try to get the highest picture quality at the highest frame-rates.    
    Thanks for your answer!



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    Norman Graafsma

    Hi Tore,

    We are really happy with GDX as our distributor in Norway. Thank you for confirming this why we are happy with the GDX team. 


    Regarding the RTP packages, we wrote an article with some information about this topic which you can find the link below;

    Also, I have the option to change the threshold for you which might reduce the amount of notification. 
    Please submit a ticket and provide access to the Nx WebAdmin to us and we will change this. 

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