Hikvision 6MP Camera Auto-Discovery in Nx




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    HI William,

    Thanks for your assistance. That is the correct solution.


    Hi Danny,

    If possible, please try to upgrade to our latest patch - http://updates.networkoptix.com/default/18499/index.html

    After you upgrade, please try to enable to auto-discover or manually add the camera.

    In-Client Upgrade:

    Build Number:   18499
    Password:   1o4177


    We have fixed several things also make some changes to adopt the defect on HIkvision's firmware.

    Please try it and let us know if you still have problems.


    BTW, if you have problems, please go to support and file a ticket. That will be faster to get the technical support.

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    William Millard

    Configuration/network/advanced settings/integration protocol

    enable onvif

    add and administrative user

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    William Millard

    I still cannot get a video stream though

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    Omer Lev

    I have the same issue, checked for firmware upgrades on the NVR. Nothing seems to work.

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